Flow Studios Sdn. Bhd. is a private company incorporated in Malaysia in September 2011. Our main business activities are ICT Infrastructure, System Development and Consultancy in areas of Electronic Identity, Solutions & Security, Animation, Broadcasting and Programme Management. The strength of the company is reflected by our strong IT personnel, experience and quality of services.

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• Our team is well equipped with knowledge and experience in security, authentication, biometric & online verification and Smart Card. Our long time engagement in Smart Card technology and a pioneer in Malaysia's MyKad development will assure complete satisfaction, services and best practice in a complete spectrum of identity management

Streaming Services

Online Webinar
• Platform Online Learning
• Tadabbur Series
Production Studios
• Video Production
• Aerial Footage

Event Space for Rental

(Ivory Room and Charcoal Studio)
• Accommodate up to 30 Pax at one time for training center
• Online Webinar which accommodate up to 500 audiences.
• Fully-equipped Training Room.

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• We bridge the need to fullfil demand for an animated content that reflect better customer relationship. We offer services towards the production of animated film and motion graphics for brand awareness


• Modern solution demands for greater reach and instant delivery. We provide solutions in accordance to customer needs and within the business framework.
• From your business requirements, we architect your solutions, scale your needs and offer flexibility to your solution.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Comprehensive IoT technologies to monitor, report and alert real – time production output of production machine online.
Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
Guided vehicle following magnetic strip to carry overweight items.

Programme Management

• We provide breakthrough ideas in a coordinated manner to obtain maximum benefits and deliver novelty, uniqueness and transformation to the organization
• We specialized in nationwide community engagement, embark in digital economy and synergized in crowdsourcing activities
• Your plan, we manage with zero issues

ICT Consultancy

• Our skills and experience in project development involves planning, research, development & implementation of high impact ICT projects including support and close monitoring. At the end of the day, these services will be translated into a successful project deployment

Mobile Application

• We do follow trend and market demand, our end–to–end solutions enable user to use it anywhere, anytime with a mobile friendly application
• We provide cross platform and rapid application development to ensure compatibility and portability
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MDEC | Digital Malaysia B40 Price Check

On Ground Collection of 4,000 data price watch by B40 communities.

MDEC | Digital Malaysia B40 Community & Initiatives Cluster

Develop, host and test a prototype Digital Platform.

FAMA | ICT Infrastructure

PMO for FAMA new ICT Infrastructure nationwide.

FAMA | Mobile PKI – “A Secure Remote Based Task – Enabled Mobile Solution”

Supply, Deliver and Implement Digital Signature Test.


Our Team

Abdul Jalil Shukor
• Pioneer in Smartcard Industry
• SIRIM Technical Committee 9 on Identity

Muzaffar Tajuddin
• Pioneer in “Makcik PC”
• Secure Mobile Appliances (SMA1020)